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Control4, a leading global provider of smart home solutions, invites homeowners and the design community to the first-ever worldwide “Virtual #C4Yourself” experience across the month of May, which aims to connect families, designers, and architects with intelligent home technology professionals that bring it all to life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals haven’t been able to see smart home solutions in showrooms first-hand. Therefore Control4 Smart Home Professionals like SMC Custom Installations will host one-to-one C4Yourself meetings entirely online throughout the entire month of May, giving homeowners a way to explore the benefits of this technology at their convenience and in the safety of their own homes.

Your Home is Your Castle, but Could it be Doing More

In this unexpected climate, our homes have a new level of importance in our lives today; we work, relax, and connect with others there, so it’s critical they be more helpful, secure, personal, and private.

Families are now forced to spend an unprecedented amount of time in their homes—working remotely, home-schooling, and streaming content more than ever before—online activities are putting extraordinary stress on their home networks. Therefore, consumers can no longer settle for a mediocre system; robust and reliable networking is a must-have.

Greater security is also top-of-mind among homeowners. When enhanced and unified by a Control4 Smart Home OS, home security and surveillance systems go the extra mile. Notifications from smart door locks, alerts from motion sensors and cameras, and even lighting that simulates routines all work to further deter potential intruders.

As the weather changes, families are looking to spend more time outside looking for new ways to create a personal outdoor oasis to feel inspired, entertained, or relaxed. Exterior audio systems, outdoor TVs, and landscape lighting are also growing in demand.

Why A Pro is the Way to Go

As Control4 Smart Home Professionals and a Certified Showroom, you can turn to us to help transform your home into the castle your family deserves. Just like working with an electrician or plumber, we are experienced experts when it comes to wireless network design, smart security systems and smart lighting, whole-home automation and multi-room audio visual systems. As certified Control4 smart home professionals, we are capable of designing systems that work like magic, enhancing and simplifying your lives through seamlessly integrated technology.

If you schedule one of our Control4 #C4Yourself events during May we promise to make it all about you!
We’ll schedule a time and date that works for you, even if its outside of normal working hours. We’ll set up the call to be via Zoom, Skype or Facetime so we can make it as interactive as possible. The call will take place in our Control4 Certified where we’ll start by understanding what you’d like to achieve in your home. After a chat, we can give you a virtual hands-on demo of the products most suitable for your home and a live demonstration of them working together in perfect harmony. We’ll then do a question and answer session to ensure you’re happy with everything and finally we will post out some relevant information so you can take some time to digest the information we’ve provided.

Control4 Smart Home OS: What makes it all possible.

Having a smart home operating system at the helm of your home allows all your home technology to be consolidated into one interface, syncing favourite home technology brands and devices to work in unison and allowing you to manage or automate their homes quickly and easily. Home management and control is available by a variety of secure options such as dedicated touchscreens, universal smart remotes, in-wall keypads, through a mobile app, and by voice.

Opportunities for FREE Neeo Remotes.

If you RSVP and attend one of our Virtual #C4Yourself Session you will be eligible to win a Control4 Smart Home Starter Kit complete with Neeo Remote. If you’re one of our existing customers and are interested in upgrading your existing system, we will have some unique special offers just for you.

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Control4 Neeo Remote Control

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