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Imagine arriving home after a long day at work to be met by the warm glow of your lights, soft, relaxing music and the perfect climate that makes you feel immediately comfortable. Imagine being able to simultaneously roll down the blinds, start your dinner-time playlist, lock your front door and dim the lights, all with the press of a single button. These are some of the things a smart home operating system can do. It takes your home from simply having some smart products in it, to transforming it into something truly intelligent.

A smart home operating system has the power to change the way you live, making life more comfortable, more convenient and more fun. It gives you the gift of more time to spend with family, more time to relax and more time to do the things you love. A smart home OS lets you take control of your home life — from one convenient place.

A Smart Home Operating System vs Standalone Smart Products

If you already have a few smart products in your home, such as smart lighting and security devices, you’ll know how convenient they are. Smart home tech just makes life easier and so much more fun.

With standalone smart products, you can:

  • Monitor home security systems when you’re out at work
  • Receive notifications and video footage when visitors arrive at your front door — and talk to them without having to open the door
  • Control the lights in your home by voice command

Smart home gadgets are great, but they can become a handful to manage when a different app controls each device. Suddenly the smart products that should make your life more convenient start to become complicated.

A smart home operating system unifies all your smart devices across your home, so they all communicate with each other and work together. Whether you only have a few or you have hundreds of smart products, a smart home operating system gives you the power to control all of them from a single platform.

Step it up a Gear with a Smart Home Operating System

If you’re getting tired of managing all your smart devices individually, you’ll love the convenience that comes with a Control4 smart home OS. Replace multiple apps on your smartphone with just one to control your entire home. Or easily command your home using a handheld remote, keypad, touch screen or your voice.
Don’t worry if you have many different smart products, from many different manufacturers. The Control4 smart home operating system is capable of unifying thousands of third-party smart products (13,500 to be precise!).

Make Your Space Truly Intelligent

A smart home operating system, such as the Control4 Smart Home OS 3, makes each of your standalone smart products so much more. Unified, your smart products will make your home truly intelligent. Making every product more powerful. And every room an experience.

When all your smart products work together, magic happens. Harmonise all your smart devices, and with the press of a button, your bedroom lights flash to tell your family it’s time for dinner, your curtains close, music starts to stream, the lights dim and your front door locks. And all of this happens without the fuss of having to deal with different apps.

From sitting down for dinner to taking a bath, everything you do at home can take place in a truly tailored setting with a smart home operating system.

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