Why Lighting Design Matters

Lighting design is an essential part of your home’s interior and exterior design. An intelligent lighting scheme has the power to completely transform the look of your home and bring out your building’s true beauty. Along with elevating each of your rooms from fine to fabulous, smart lighting design will work with your natural light, help to make energy efficiency easy and help to improve your mood, boost wellbeing and promote productivity.

If your home is being newly built or completely refurbished, we can design and install a conveniently centralised smart lighting system, controlled with stylish keypads. All the lighting throughout your home will be completely connected and optimal for each environment, giving you the ultimate in everyday convenience and the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Lighting & Interior Design

Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of interior design; a strong lighting scheme will enhance every aspect of your home. From highlighting architectural features and impacting the perceived size of your space to altering your room’s ambience and affecting the mood of each occupant.

Our Control4 home automation lighting designers and technicians understand how light works and will react to different areas, places and surfaces throughout your home. And we’ll use our knowledge of light and texture, light and form, light and surfaces and light and colour to bring out the beauty of your building. Making sure every inch of your space looks fantastic, and each room is illuminated in the best way for your needs.

Natural & Artificial Light

Good lighting design also considers the characteristics of natural and artificial light and how they both work together throughout your home. Depending on the availability of daylight in your rooms — and how the light changes throughout the day and year — your lighting designer may suggest automatic shading. Shading will help to cut glare and to reduce the potential risk of UV damage to your furniture.

Automatic shading can be incorporated into your home automation lighting design, ensuring you make the most of any natural light. Your blinds or curtains can be pre-set to adjust to the time of the day automatically. And can work in conjunction with your internal and external lighting systems, making your home more energy-efficient.

Colour Temperature & Mood

Have you ever noticed how the hue of a room affects how you feel? The colour temperature of your lighting can create this manufacture of mood. Red or yellow light works to create a cosy, warm atmosphere, helping to promote feelings of contentment and relaxation. With blue or green-tinted lighting creating a calmer mood and improving concentration and productivity.

Home automation lighting design will consider colour temperature, helping you achieve the ideal colour balance and the perfect mood for each room’s main activity. But what about spaces used for a variety of activities?

With smart lighting automation, you can create multiple moods in one room. Achieve the perfect ambience in your dining room, whether you’re enjoying a romantic meal for two or you’re using it as a workspace.

Do You Need a Lighting Designer?

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If you need a discrete interior and exterior lighting designer, we would highly recommend speaking with Jenny McCleave who has worked in the industry 20 years and with us on numerous lighting projects over the years. Working for John Cullen Design in London for 10 of those years, Jenny boasts an enviable amount of experience in the industry with a huge portfolio of client work that she can share with you. Based in Cheshire, Jenny understands that lighting design is more than just providing a flat blanket of practical light but about enhancing and proving visual focuses across a home. If you would like to have an informal chat about your project, please don’t hesitate to contact her on email  jenny@jennysmartlighting.co.uk or visit her website https://www.jennysmartlighting.co.uk/

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