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Smart Lighting Solutions


Lighting that Compliments Your Life & Your Homes Architecture

Smart lighting adds elegance, ambience, convenience and energy efficiency to your home. Make your house appear occupied while you are away. Raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch or using just your voice. Or have your lighting respond automatically to how you live. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

We feel you should be able to interact with your home in various ways. It may be as simple as a handheld remote for your TV or cinema room, a touchscreen to browse and play your music collection, a keypad that manages lighting, music, shades and more, or your smartphone, and tablet. Whatever interface you use, it is designed for simple and easy access to the features you use most, with a consistent look and feel.


Create Beautiful Lighting Scenes

A major advantage of a smart lighting system over conventional individual switching is the ability to control any light, group of lights, or all lights in a building from a single user interface device. Any light or device can be controlled from any location. This ability to control multiple light sources from a user device allows complex "light scenes" to be created. A room may have multiple scenes available, each one created for different activities in the room.

Scenes can be activated with touchscreens, tablets or smartphones, handheld remotes or wall-mounted keypads. Keypads with etched names are particularly practical because they require almost no instruction to know how to use them.

Here is just two key example of common and practical lighting scenes used in homes with smart lighting systems

MORNING SCENE - Do you want your lights to turn on to full brightness at 6:30 am or would you rather they come on slowly to ease you into the day? A morning light scene might also turn on kitchen lights and turn off any outside lights. A home automation system could also turn on the TV to your favourite morning news channel at the same time.

NIGHT SCENE A night scene (or Goodnight scene) turns off the entire home’s lights at bedtime. We can choose whether or not any lights may stay on (maybe a porch light) and which get dimmed down or turned off. You might set a hallway or stair lights to dim so late-night walkers can still see their way to the bathroom.


We deliver beautiful Control4 smart lighting projects

Wired & Wireless Solutions

WIRED CENTRALISED LIGHTING - Perfect for those building a new home or undertaking a remodel, centralised lighting allows you to move your lighting controls elsewhere, like a closet, allowing you to replace banks of switches with stylish and elegant keypads. Button customisation enables one-touch control of lighting of course, but also entertainment, security, climate and more.

WIRELESS LIGHTING  Get started with the magic of smart lighting in just one room, or brighten up the entire house. Wireless lighting provides sophisticated style in sleek colour configurations, guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home. Customisable buttons allow you to control more than just lighting—including music, movies and more—with a simple press. Turn on or off multiple rooms, or the entire house, with one tap. Motion sensors provide hands-free illumination and automatically turn off lights when no one is in the room. Your home can even alternate lights to appear occupied while you’re away

INSTALLATION - When installing a lighting control system as part of a Control4 solution we still need the help of an electrician as we do not have electrically qualified engineers. However don’t worry if you haven’t appointed an electrician as part of your build or renovation process we’re here to help and can happily recommend an electrician we know and trust to work in harmony with us and install the right products in the right places.


Lighting Design Service

We would normally break the process of designing and commissioning a smart lighting system into your home as follows...

STAGE 1 - We would introduce you to our preferred lighting designer. During this initial introductory meeting, the designer will go through your plans and discuss the project in detail with you. The aim of this meeting is to ascertain as much information as possible about the house including furniture layouts and your specific requirements. The more information provided at this stage, the better the lighting will be. It's at this stage that the lighting designer will give you an idea on how much it'll cost to put together a lighting design.

STAGE 2 - After the initial introductory meeting and assuming you have accepted their quotation, the lighting designer will prepare a full set of lighting plans a specification and detailed quotation, based on a collection of fittings from a range of manufacturers. This would include all the light fittings, lamps, transformers and drivers.  This typically takes around 15 working days. The specification and plans include full technical information of what is required on a room-by-room, circuit-by-circuit basis. They detail the exact location of all the fittings, the type of lamps, engines and lenses used as well as transformer/driver and approximate lighting loads.

STAGE 3 - We normally liaise with your electrical contractor and we will answer any queries they may have regarding the lighting scheme. The designer would be happy to visit the site during the first/second fix stage and this would be charged at their normal hourly rate as detailed in their upfront quotation. They will ensure that all information is co-ordinated with the rest of project team to incorporate changes. 

INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING - Depending on your location, we can also recommend a qualified and experienced electrician who is familiar with Control4 smart lighting solutions and arrange for a quotation for installation. Commissioning of the lighting scenes within the Control4 system will be done by our in-house Control4 engineer and takes place after the final lighting installation has been done by your appointed electrician.

Control4 Lighting Projects that are Designed

Uniquely Designed

We offer a bespoke lighting design service to ensure that you have the right lighting for the right task at the right budget. We’ll help you with a scheme that will bring out the key features of your house and garden, and make your space come to life.


Concept to Completion

Unlike other companies in our industry, we offer a concept to completion home automation service. Let us worry about logistics, semantics and professional trades needed to complete your job; you just sit back and enjoy your brand new smart lighting scheme.



SMC Custom Installations offers a support package that covers any problems with your system before, during and after installation free of charge. This means we'll be on hand to help you get your system sorted no matter how big or small the problem is.


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