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Home Cinema Installations

Home cinemas offer the ultimate entertainment at home to enjoy with your family and friends. Custom designed systems provide you with the perfect multimedia experiences from any source, on any screen type. At SMC Custom Installations we reflect upon our 10+ years of experience to design and install exquisite bespoke home cinema systems that stand the test of time. We specialise in transforming any room in your house into perfect venues for watching films & TV shows, playing games and enjoying surround sound.

Dedicated Cinema Room

For the best possible movie experience in the home, a dedicated cinema room is required. If you have a spare or underused room in your house, then repurposing it for use as a dedicated cinema room is a great way to make the most of it. With a dedicated cinema room, you can enjoy huge razor sharp lifelike images, jaw-dropping immersive surround sound from the comfort of your own cinema seat.

Recreating the true feel of cinema can only be done with mood lighting, making it an essential part of the room design. By combining different type of lighting, we can transform your room, regardless of whether you are watching TV, playing console games or settling down with a movie. Creating lighting scene is simple and done right from your dedicated cinema touch pad controller.

The final piece of the cinema puzzle is comfort. It’s important that once you're settled in that you’re as comfortable as possible. SMC Custom Installations has access to a wide range of seating solutions that will provide you with the exact type of comfort you’re after.

If you think a dedicated cinema room is for you, then why not come and see our dedicated cinema demonstration room in our showroom. This will allow you to experience home cinema in its full glory while we get a better understanding of your requirements.

Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms
Discrete Cinema Room

Multi-Use Rooms

If you can’t quite accommodate a dedicated cinema room, then using a multi-use room is the perfect compromise. These rooms enable you to use your living spaces not only for socialising but also for multimedia entertainment by using products and technologies that discretely hide away equipment when not in use.

A typical high-quality home cinema installation in a lounge or family room would involve a projector and screen dropping down from the ceiling at the touch of a button, a TV appearing from behind the wall painting as well as having speakers that become a part of interior design. It’s this level of attention-to-detail that we pride ourselves on.

At SMC Custom Installation we believe that no matter what your budget, a cinema system should be easy, comfortable and social. This is why we implement and install the latest available technologies to optimise your home cinema experience.

Even more, you won’t have to deal with any cables and black boxes. Everything will be tucked away at a place of your preference. Out of sight, out of mind. You just need to focus on enjoying your new home cinema system.


Installations that are Designed

Home cinema design and installation requires more than putting together components that have received this month’s best buy award. It demands technical expertise and experience. When we design your system we’ll consider every detail of your room, to give you the eye-popping, ear tingling, mind blowing home cinema experience the film director intended.

Picture - For that truly stunning home cinema experience, you need to be able to see every detail of every image, across the whole of the screen. We’ll calculate your optimal viewing distance, and find the best screen size for your room.

Sound – A Dolby Atmos cinema system transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you with breath taking realism. Together with Jones Design, and Dolby, Artcoustic have produced "The Artcoustic Dolby Atmos Design Tool" which allow us to place speakers in the exact positions they are needed to put you in the heart of the action.

Lighting – We will set up your system so that at the touch of a button, you can watch stunningly vibrant images in ideal lighting conditions, by gentle adjusting the room from light to dark as your film starts.

Calibration - Once your home cinema is installed, you can choose to have your projector and sound system calibrated by a certified engineer. To give you the best picture and sound possible, they will take a detailed look at the precise configuration of your projector and speaker system, in conjunction with the unique layout of your room to ensure looks and sounds as the film director intended.

Artcoustic Dolby Atmos Elevations

Uniquely Designed

With no two customers, the same our cinema installation service is truly unique to you. With customisable seating, lighting, sound and audio-visual options; we'll ensure your room is designed around your exact requirements.


Concept to Completion

Unlike other companies in our industry, we offer a concept to completion home cinema service. Let us worry about logistics, semantics and professional trades needed to complete your job; you just sit back and enjoy your brand new home cinema system.



SMC Custom Installations offers a support package that covers any problems with your system before, during and after installation free of charge. This means we'll be on hand to help you get your system sorted no matter how big or small the problem is.



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