Monitor Audio Gold 200 Floorstanding Speaker

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Monitor Audio Gold 200 Floorstanding Speaker


The Gold 200 is the most compact floorstander in the series. As with our other Gold stand mount and floorstanding speakers, it combines the driver technology of our Platinum II flagship speakers and beautiful cabinetry to stunning effect.

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Let your system take the top spot, with the Monitor Audio Gold 200.

Strike gold
Now in their fifth generation, the Monitor Audio Gold speakers represent a reference standard in sound and style. Cutting-edge technology derived from the Platinum II range keeps these speakers at the top of their class. MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) tweeters deliver exceptional detail that’s backed up by lifelike mid-range and bass from the hybrid woofer cones. On top of this class-leading sound comes stunning style and finish, which just leaves you to decide the ideal size and colour.

All-rounder Gold 200
Just like Goldilocks’ porridge, the Monitor Audio Gold 200 is not too big nor too small. The perfectly proportioned floorstander is ideally sized for most living rooms. The 3-way design delivers an immersive sound without dominating the room. Cast metal feet with spikes or rubber feet keep the compact cabinet stable and further enhance the sound.

MPD treble unit for stunning top-end resolution
Derived from the flagship Platinum range, MPD tweeters use a Micro Pleated Diaphragm to deliver stunning top-end detail. By pleating the tweeter’s shape, the surface area is increased eight-fold. Working by squeezing the pleats, like a super-fast accordion, gives the treble an incredible response – right up to 50,000Hz. What this means is you get uncompressed harmonics for a spacious and life-like top-end performance.

Vocal precision
As a 3-way design, the Gold 200 features a woofer dedicated to the mid-range. What this means is exceptional resolution – just where you need it for vocals to sound their very best. A whole host of other instruments, from guitars to pianos also operate mainly in the mid-range, meaning this dedicated driver is crucial in making the musicians sound like they’re ‘there’ in the room with you.

Punchy bass
Using RDT II (Rigid Diaphragm Technology), the twin woofer units deliver power with accuracy. Constructed from a hybrid sandwich of Nomex and woven carbon fibre, they deliver the ideal balance of lightness and rigidity. This means they respond with alacrity to every note – helping to give a clean, tight bass that’s right on time, every time.

Bespoke cabinet design
Featuring Monitor Audio’s exclusive HiVe II port technology, this compact speaker efficiently manages airflow for tighter bass and cleaner-sounding midrange. The cabinets also feature soft-touch top trim and magnetic grilles for the premium style you’d expect from Monitor Audio’s Gold speaker range.

Choice of luxurious finishes
Once you’ve decided on these speakers, the hardest part is choosing which of the sumptuous finishes to pick. Choose Dark Walnut or Piano Ebony for a rich, traditional style or Piano Gloss Black or Satin White for a more contemporary appeal. Whichever colour you choose, you can be guaranteed Monitor Audio’s usual immaculate fit and finish.

For a speaker that delivers winning sound and style, set your sights on the Monitor Audio Gold 200.

Additional information

Frequency Response

35Hz – 50kHz


88 dB


4 Ohms

Drive Units

1 x 2.5" C-CAM mid-range driver, 1 x MPD high-frequency transducer, 2 x 6.5" RDT II long-throw bass driver

External dimensions (W x H x D)mm

997 x 283 x 388 mm

Speaker Type



Piano Gloss Black, Piano Ebony, Satin White, Dark Walnut