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Monitor Audio Bronze AMS Dolby Atmos Speaker


Dolby Atmos brings soundtracks to life by surrounding the listener in moving audio that flows with vivid three-dimensional realism. When you place our Atmos speaker module on top of one of our complimentary Bronze speakers, you will experience a new world of audio.

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Pictured Monitor Audio Bronze 50 and 200 speakers not included. Sold as Pair.

Enjoy the sound of cinema in your own front room, with Monitor Audio’s first Dolby Atmos approved speakers – the Bronze AMS.

Dolby Atmos approved
Producing a multi-dimensional and totally immersive sound, Dolby Atmos has been hailed as the greatest advance in surround sound for 20 years. As Monitor Audio’s first Dolby Atmos approved speakers, the AMS’s have received special tuning. In particular, the C-CAM Gold dome tweeter features a bespoke Waveguide that’s optimised for this type of speaker design – helping to recreate pinpoint accuracy.

Ideal for other dimensional formats
As well as Dolby Atmos, the three-dimensional soundscapes created by DTS-X and Auro-3D are also well served by these speakers, making them ideal for all types of surround sound formats.

Flexible positioning
With keyhole mountings, the AMS speakers fit neatly to your wall (high up, well above the other speakers). Recessed terminals keep the fit as flush as possible. If you prefer not to wall mount, the AMS speakers also work well sited on top of your front speakers, firing the sound upwards.

The perfect match for Bronze 50 and 200
Ideally used in an all-Bronze home cinema speaker system, the AMS speakers perfectly fit the top of the Bronze 50 and Bronze 200 speakers (see images above). Rubber feet prevent them from scratching the speaker tops.

Smooth and focused at the top end
Featuring Monitor Audio’s famous C-CAM Gold Dome tweeters, the sound is every bit as crisp as you’d expect from this premium design. The latest developments add a UD (Uniform Dispersion) waveguide for a more focused and precise sound.

C-CAM bass drivers for lifelike effects
Developed from aerospace technology, the Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium (C-CAM) woofers give the perfect balance between bass and precision. New cone geometry and DCM (Damped Concentric Mode) tech gives increased control for an even more lifelike and natural sound.

Project the sound with precision, with the Monitor Audio Bronze AMS, Dolby Atmos approved speakers.

Additional information

Frequency Response

105Hz – 30kHz


86 dB


8 ohms

Drive Units

1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with UD Waveguide, 1 x 4" C-CAM mid-range driver

External dimensions (W x H x D)mm

166 x 152 x 242 mm

Speaker Type

Dolby Atmos


Black, White




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