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Monitor Audio Silver 50 Bookshelf Speaker


The ultra-compact Silver 50 introduces a completely new version of Monitor Audio’s special 5¼-inch C-CAM RST bass/mid-range drive unit, creating the most diminutive bookshelf model ever to appear in the line-up.

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With a fresh new look and the latest tech, the Monitor Audio Silver 50 is a compact luxury speaker that has the sound quality to match.

Quality compact speaker that’s versatile
The Monitor Audio Silver 50 is a small speaker that’s powerful enough to use in a wide variety of applications. Ideal for use in a quality stereo system in smaller rooms it also works effectively as an AV satellite speaker. Mounted on a high quality stand it offers a powerful, dynamic sound that might surprise for such a small speaker.

The best drive units – improved
Featuring a completely new version of Monitor Audio’s iconic gold tweeter dome, the treble response is better than ever. Tuned for a crisp, low distortion sound, the top-end is sweeter than ever. The compact bass cone features distinctive RST (Rigid Surface Technology). Inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, the lightweight cone is made more rigid by the precise pattern of surface dimples. It makes the bass and mid-range natural-sounding and effortlessly flowing.

With technology from the Platinum series
Evolved from the reference quality Platinum models, the Silver 50 features DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter). This replaces the usual, solid coupling of driver and voice coil with a flexible coupling. This helps damp any surplus energy, aiding the precison of sound. The perforated design also helps with cooling and pressure relief – giving enhanced efficiency.

Cabinets designed with help from the National Physical Laboratory
Designed with the aid of a precision laser scanner from NPL (National Physical Laboratory), the handcrafted cabinets are exceptionally well built. The scanner identified areas of cabinet resonance making the placement of the bracing pin-point accurate. Ultra-low cabinet distortion lets the drive units perform unimpeded, giving you the clearest and most natural sound going.

Slim-line and superbly finished matching your decor
Available in a wide range of premium real wood veneers and high gloss finishes, the Silver 50 looks every bit as good as it sounds. The new tweeter features a smart speckled finish for individual style. A slim-line design with rear-mounted port looks sleek and makes these speakers unobtrusive in your home. Magnetically attached grilles give a clean appearance when removed – ideal for showing off those hi-tech drive units.

If space is tight but sound still matters, the Monitor Audio Silver 50 deserves your attention.

Additional information

Frequency Response

52Hz – 35kHz


87 dB


8 ohms

Drive Units

1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, 1 x 5.25" C-CAM RST bass/mid driver

External dimensions (W x H x D)mm

165 x 270 x 240 mm

Speaker Type



Black Oak, Walnut, Rosenut, Natural Oak, Gloss Black, Satin White




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