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Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II Bookshelf Speakers


All the wonder of Platinum II’s crystal clear tonal precision is concentrated by this beautiful little two-way speaker comprising a single 6.5″ RDT II mid-bass driver and MPD tweeter.

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”This is an attractive, exquisitely assembled and very forgiving speaker that delivers truly outstanding performance across a huge variety of music.” ’AV Forums’ – Highly Recommended.

The Platinum standard
Standing at the top of Monitor Audio’s impressive speaker range, the Platinum is their magnum opus. Everything that Monitor Audio has developed over many decades of speaker manufacturing is refined to the highest standards, making the Platinum range a true reference from which to judge others.

Platinum 100 suits so many applications
The PL100II is a standard-sized standmount speaker that’s versatile enough for many different applications. In smaller and medium-sized rooms, a pair of PL100II speakers give you a true stereo reference. Alternatively, for the ultimate home cinema system, PL100II speakers can be used as effect speakers – with centre, subwoofer and floorstanding speakers available to match.

Ultimate top-end performance
Designed especially for the Platinum range, the PL100II features a MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) tweeter. Working by squeezing the pleats, like a super-fast accordion, gives the treble a sensational response – right up to a class-leading 100,000Hz. What this means is you get totally uncompressed harmonics for a spacious and life-like top-end performance. If it’s in the recording, the PL100II will reveal it.

Total bass precision
The same total dedication to the finest sound is shown from the PL100II’s woofer unit. With aluminium front and carbon fibre rear, sandwiching an aluminium honeycomb structure, the woofer delivers perfect motion and the lowest levels of distortion. Underhung, edge-wound voice coils improve thermal efficiency allowing for unsurpassed dynamics for this size of speaker.

Ultra-low distortion cabinet
To reduce cabinet distortion to a minimum, Monitor Audio use a variety of cabinet construction techniques. The resin front baffle is designed to be as acoustically ‘dead’ as possible for the least resonance. The laminated MDF cabinet is ultra-stiff and shaped for the lowest distortion possible.

Hand-finished cabinet in luxury materials
Matching the peerless sound quality is the luxurious finish. Choose between Ebony high gloss real wood veneer or the timeless appeal of Piano Black gloss lacquer. Both look absolutely sumptuous. As a finishing touch, the front baffle is hand-upholstered in high quality Inglestone leather, supplied by Andrew Muirhead.

For the ultimate standmount speaker, you need look no further than the Monitor Audio Platinum PL100II.

Additional information

Frequency Response

40Hz – 100kHz


88 dB


6 ohms

Drive Units

1 x 6.5" RDT II bass / mid driver, 1 x MPD high-frequency transducer

External dimensions (W x H x D)mm

225 x 372 x 326 mm

Speaker Type



Piano Black Lacquer, Ebony Real Wood Veneer




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