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Integrated HiFi Amplifiers

Integrated HiFi Amplifiers

An integrated HiFi amplifier is actually two components in one — a power amplifierwhich generates the wattage needed to drive your speakers, and a preamplifier that accepts the inputs from all of your music sources, such as your CD player, turntable, AM/FM tuner, or network music player. The preamp also lets you switch among your sources and control the volume of your music. The preamp may also include balance and tone controls.

Stereo receivers are basically integrated amps with a built-in radio tuner. If you don't plan on listening to the radio, an integrated amp might make a better choice.

While amplifiers and preamplifiers are found within every music playback system, combining a  preamp and power amp into a single shared chassis saves space and cost (compared to separate stereo amps and preamps). 

About Roksan

Roksan is a British company founded over thirty years ago, Roksan is one of the most recognised names in the audio industry. Offering international, multi-award winning products ranging from the highest level of vinyl replay to amplification, loudspeakers and streaming source products. All equipment is still designed and manufactured in the company’s London-based headquarters and factory. Roksan is highly respected by journalists, distributors, retailers and customers alike throughout the globe.

Throughout its existence, Roksan has regularly produced what can only be described as ‘audio classics’, with each of these attaining outstanding reviews and the highest accolades. This consistency of excellence has resulted in the company’s highly respected status it attains today, giving customers the ability to rely on any Roksan product with confidence in both reliability and performance.

Now, as a sign of ongoing support to their customers, Roksan also offer a five-year warranty on all their electronics and turntables.

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  • Arcam SA10 Stereo HiFi Amplifier

    With more input flexibility than ever and the same award-winning sound, the Arcam SA10 sets a new class standard. Learn More

  • Arcam SA20 Stereo HiFi Amplifier

    eaturing Arcam’s renowned Class-G tech plus an ESS Sabre DAC, the Arcam SA20 puts all the best ingredients together to cook up a stunning amplifier. Learn More

  • Roksan K3 HiFi Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    With its elegant design and inclusion of aptX Bluetooth input as standard, the Roksan K3 HiFi Integrated Stereo Amplifier is truly an amplifier for today’s discerning audiophile. There is power and bass drive in abundance, along with superb sound staging and engaging detail. You can stream music via any Bluetooth enabled device and the aptX coding allows streaming of high-resolution audio files from a compatible source. To add to its versatility there is also a Moving Magnet phono input and five line level inputs. Most of all, the K3 Integrated Amplifier offers excellent value for money when it comes to build, design, flexibility and sound quality. Learn More

    Sorry this item, isn't available to purchase online. Please call or visit our store.

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