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Monitor Audio Silver 1 Stand Mount Speaker - Gloss White

Monitor Audio's Silver 1 may look like a bookshelf speaker, but it delivers the kind of high-end sound that will make you think you're listening to a speaker several times its size.
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Monitor Audio

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Product Description


Big Speaker Sound in a Compact Package

Monitor Audio's Silver 1 may look like a bookshelf speaker, but it delivers the kind of high-end sound that will make you think you're listening to a speaker several times its size. Capable of lighting up any small- to medium-sized room with drop-dead accurate midrange and detailed highs, the Silver 1 makes an excellent choice for high-end stereo or home cinema systems. Add one of Monitor Audio's Silver W12 powered subwoofers for a thunderous bass response, then bask in the "oohs" and "ahhs" of your guests at your next music listening session or movie night.

Big Speaker Sound in a Compact Package

Every Silver series speaker incorporates Monitor Audio's gold dome tweeter for smooth, detailed highs. The domes are made from a ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium alloy originally developed by the aerospace industry for jet engine components. The domes are then anodised with a layer of gold for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics. Their extremely low mass and high rigidity allow these tweeters to play accurately far beyond the range of human hearing with little to no audible distortion, making them an excellent choice for high-resolution music listening.  

The speaker's tight, powerful bass and dynamic midrange come courtesy of the Silver 1's 6-1/2" woofer with Rigid Surface Technology. Created from the same lightweight alloy as the tweeters, these drivers are strengthened and stiffened even further by adding a pattern of dimples to the surface of the cone. The dimples help resist bending and twisting that cause distortion while allowing the use of thinner, lighter, more responsive cones.

Further refinements to ensure powerful performance

Meticulous engineering and many hours of listening go into each Silver series speaker. Monitor paid close attention to important design elements — both visible and hidden. At its heart, the Silver 2 uses a sophisticated crossover network with premium-grade components. Monitor also chose their Pureflow® Silver-plated OFC wire to make all internal cabling connections. Together, these refinements provide better driver integration and faster transients for smooth sound with real presence and immediacy.

Instead of conventional mounting screws, each driver is held in place using a single tensioned rod, or through-bolt, that threads into its back plate then secures to the back of the cabinet. The bolt not only acts as a rigid cabinet brace to reduce box coloration, it also eliminates the need for traditional driver mounting hardware, effectively decoupling the driver and front baffle to eliminate another source of unwanted resonance. The lack of visible mounting hardware also adds to the overall look of elegance. 

Monitor thoroughly engineered the Silver 1's bass-reflex port, as well. This new type of port utilises straight, rifled grooves inside the port to accelerate air flow and reduce turbulence compared to conventional ports. This ability to move air in and out of the cabinet more quickly provides faster, more powerful bass and superior transient response.

A solid cabinet with a luxurious finish

Monitor Audio speakers have long been known for their sturdy, vault-like cabinet construction. The Silver 1's enclosure is built solid to resist vibration that can colour sound and reduce accuracy. The exterior comes clad in a beautifully finished real walnut or black oak wood veneer. Monitor tops off each speaker with an attractive "floating" magnetic grille that features invisible attachments to give the Silver 1 a clean, classic look whether you use them with the grilles on or off.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Frequency Response45Hz - 35kHz
Speaker Drivers1 x 6" RST Bass/Mid driver / 1 x 1" (25mm) C-CAM gold dome tweeter
Speaker Impedance (Ohm)8
Recommended Amplifier (Watts)40-100W
Speaker StyleStand Mount Speakers
Dimensions (W x H x D)185 x 312 x 263

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